mile [ maıl ] noun count ***
1. ) a unit for measuring distance, equal to 1,760 YARDS or 1.609 kilometers:
The walk is about ten miles and on level ground.
The town is about forty miles southeast of Budapest.
miles long/deep/high etc.: The peninsula is 13 miles long.
a ) miles to the/per/a gallon the number of miles a vehicle will travel for every gallon of gas:
The car gets 50 miles to the gallon.
b ) miles an/per hour the number of miles a vehicle travels in an hour:
driving at 50 miles an hour
2. ) miles plural a long distance:
They live miles from the nearest town.
for miles: The beach stretched for miles in each direction.
It's one of the best schools for miles around.
miles from anywhere/nowhere (=a long way from a town or other place where people live): We were miles from nowhere with no money or food.
a ) be miles away to be thinking of something else and not paying attention to what you are doing or what someone is saying:
Sorry, I was miles away.
b ) be miles off AMERICAN/out BRITISH INFORMAL to make a guess or calculation that is completely wrong:
When I checked the total I realized I was miles off.
c ) miles better/more difficult/too long etc. INFORMAL a lot better, more difficult, too long, etc.:
He was wearing pants that were miles too long for him.
When I woke up, I felt miles better.
a mile a minute INFORMAL
very quickly:
The two of them were talking a mile a minute.
by a mile
if someone or something wins or is the best by a mile, they are much better than other people or things:
It's still my favorite book by a mile.
It will be the best stadium in Ohio, by a mile.
go the extra mile
to make a special extra effort to achieve something:
We are prepared to go the extra mile to establish peace.
spot/recognize/tell someone/something a mile off INFORMAL
to see or recognize someone or something very easily:
Fiona could spot a phony a mile off and Jennifer was a phony.
stand/stick out a mile INFORMAL
to be very easy to see or recognize:
Gary stood out a mile in his purple hat.
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Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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